Holmasjön Prospektering AB

Holmasjön Prospekterings was formed in 2014 with the business idea of ​​identifying and developing mineral resources through its own exploration. The company focuses its operations on base, precious metal deposits and rare earth metals used in computers, mobile phones, electric cars and other advanced electronics.

The company intends to be involved in identifying and developing these metals and minerals in Sweden and other politically stable countries in order to be able to meet the need for green technology but on good terms for people and the environment.

Holmasjön Prospecting's long-term goal is to become a significant player in exploration and mining development.
In recent years, it has emerged how these mainly rare earth metals and minerals used in the production of batteries are mined. Not infrequently, these minerals are mined in a way that is harmful to humans and bad for the environment.

With an increasingly established market for electric cars and other green technology that results in a high price picture for these metals and minerals, Holmasjön Prospektering AB intends to establish itself as a recognized player in this market.

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