Masify Capital AB

Masify is an investment company that is a long-term committed owner of small and medium-sized listed and unlisted companies.

The company was founded in 2001 with the company Swede Resources AB. The business idea was to extract oil and gas, mainly in North America. In connection with a restructuring in 2016, all oil and gas assets will be sold to Ginger Oil AB (publ), which later changed its name to Petrotarg AB (publ). As payment for the transaction, the Company received shares in Petrotarg AB.

At the Annual General Meeting in the summer of 2017, the owners decided to change company and operations. The current company is Masify Capital AB (publ) and the Company's objects for its operations are to conduct investment activities, including managing participations in associated and subsidiary companies, as well as compatible activities. The company has about 2,500 shareholders.

Masify's business concept is to provide a good risk-adjusted return to its shareholders by investing in operations where Masify can function as a committed owner, primarily in small and medium-sized listed and unlisted Swedish companies. Through Masify's broad ownership spread, there is the opportunity to quickly distribute parts of portfolio companies to carry out an IPO, something that guarantees long-term good liquidity, but also a high direct return for our shareholders.

Masify's B share is traded on Bequoted's OTC list under ticker MASI-B with ISIN code SE0008991335.

When the market outlook is judged to be correct, the Board intends to list the Company's share on one of the Swedish MTF platforms.

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