Big Rock Exploration AB is working on four interesting exploration permits in Sweden.

Östra Gyttorps Gruvorna
"Östra Gyttorps Gruvorna" is located in Nora municipality, Örebro county. This area is particularly interesting as elevated values of rare earth metals have been demonstrated. SGU (Swedish Geological Survey) has carried out rock samples of salg heaps where "ALS Minerals AB" analyzed and confirmed the following
1% lanthanum (La), 1% Cerium (Ce), 1% Neodymium (Nd)

"Rostberget ”is located in Ludvika municipality, Dalarna. In this area, rock samples from slag heaps have been carried out and show levels of the following:
Silver 205 ppm, gold 1.26 ppm, copper 0.43%, iron 28.3%, lead 4.06%, zinc 7.04%. (source SGU)

"Uvberget" is an exploration permit for 40 hectares in Hedemora municipality, Dalarna. In 2017, SGU (Swedish Geological Survey) took rock samples in this area from slag heaps. The samples gave results of 13% zinc and 0.5% copper. The company intends to carry out geological surveys in the area to investigate the extent of the anomaly and, after that, plan drilling targets to further ensure the area's high potential.

Ingelshyttan no. 9
"Ingelshyttan nr 9" is an exploration permit of 79.5 hectares. According to SGU, it has a content of 9.2% copper. There are several closed mines in the area, the most recent mine was closed in the 1950s. There are a number of slag heaps on the permit and from some slag heaps from the old mines there are rock samples with very high levels of sulphides. The area is only 2.5 kilometers from the Lovisa mine.

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